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New Cars: Mercedes A Class

Mercedes have launched their new A-Class which it claims is opening a “new segment in the compact market”. What is really cool is that the new A-Class starts at below R300k, making it a real competitor in the hatch market, and it looks really great so no doubt it will be giving the hot hatch market a good run for it’s money.

Merc seem to be taking their safety quite seriously and as such has thrown in a few neat standard safety features. Collision Prevention Assist, Attention Assist and Pre-Safe are all standard on the A-Class now, and they manage to do that without making the A-Class that much more expensive.

Merc claim that this A-Class is built brand new from the ground up, which has allowed them some room for creativity in designing a car that looks and feels great. I recently passed a few of the cars on the A-Class launch and they really do stand out with a fresh design.

On the inside Merc have taken some of the features off the optionals list and put them on the standard equipment list. Aircon, USB, Multifunctional steering wheel, Headlamp Assist and a few other quality bits and pieces.

What has stayed on the optional list through is the “AMG Exclusive” package which no doubt will make an already good looking car look even better.

There are a couple of engine options, starting from an 80kW 1.8 through to a 155kW 2.0-litre. There is also a diesel in the mix.

Gearboxes are either a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed DCT (I’ll take the auto), and both are supposed to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 35%.


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