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BMW M6 Practicality

BMW M6 Convertible



While practicality might not be at the very top of the list when it comes to buying a proper sports car, I’m surprised by how often it actually does pop up in conversation.

A friend of mine recently bought himself a Porsche Panamera, and in discussing various options, he simply stated that he had kids so whatever he buys he’ll have to get them in the car.

It also seems that this is becoming a recurring theme. The amount of 4 seater sports cars on the market is growing, and they’re growing for good reason. The amount of people genuinely in the market for a sports car and with cash readily available are likely to be a little older and have a family.

Sure, you’ll always get the odd one that has a family SUV and a Ferrari in the garage for the weekend, but the more frugal among us, might want 1 car that can deliver the performance and take the kids to school.

Enter the BMW M6. It might not be as practical as the upcoming M6 Gran Coupe, but it’s practical enough. 2 medium sized kids fit quite comfortably in the back, while even with the roof down you’re not losing too much boot space.

I say you can get 2 kids in the back, but truth be told when we had the car on test we managed to get 4 grown males in the car. While there was a fair amount of shifting the seats around, we all managed to get in and make it to Newlands for the rugby. We wouldn’t have made it much further though.

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