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Audi Q3 2.0T

The Audi Q3 drives like a small car, and feels like a big car. Brilliant power delivery, smooth, quiet, comfortable ride, great spacious family car.


We had the 155kW version on test, and it was very nippy. Good solid power delivery through the Quattro system. Claimed 0-100 is 6.9 seconds, which is really impressive for a baby SUV. Top speed is apparently 230 km/h, which of course we didn’t test :) .


The steering is ultra light, which bodes well for town driving, but makes it feel a little dead in the corners. The electronic power steering provides very light steering, which makes parking and general town driving easy. Cornering is easy, but a little lifeless. Bare in mind though that the Q3 wasn’t made for mountain roads as much as it was made for the school run.


Most new Audi’s, and the Q3 is no exception, are very quiet on the inside. They provide some serious noise dampening, and the ride is soft, but not bouncy. It’s a comfortable ride in just about any situation, even in the odd corner the Q3 holds up well and doesn’t do too much body roll.

The chassis is closer to that of a Tiguan than an A3. Giving it a stiffer off road structure, but still maintaining everyday practicality.


The Q3 isn’t as big and spacious as say the, Q7, but it provides more space than a hatch. Even with the rear seats up, the boot space is very usable for a family. Kids are comfortable in the back, and the elevated ride height gives you the feeling that you’re driving a big car.


Audi haven’t ever let it slip here. Even the baby Audi, the A1, is built from the finest materials, and assembled with a huge attention to detail. So the Q3 gets the same attention to detail. The cabin is really very impressive, nothing rattles, everything feels solid, the quality of Audi cabins really is world class.


We’re not setting any fashion trends here. The Q3 is conservative, but looks good. It’s clearly borrowed it’s styling from the Q5, and Q7, but looks like the baby in the family. The same conservative styling is continued inside. It’s neat, solid, well built and conservative. Like Germans tend to do.


For an extra R22k you get the cool toys. SatNav, Bluetooth, WiFi, it’s all there. Audi have this cool system where you get to plug a SIM card into the dash, and it turns your car into a WiFi hotspot. Pretty cool if you ask me. My iPhone hooks up via bluetooth, and allows me to play music, make calls, all while keeping my phone in my pocket.

Cool Factor

The Q3 doesn’t score huge points on the cool scale. It’s more like a soccer moms car, running kids back and forth. For that it’s perfect in almost every way. It’s also not uncool, kids aren’t likely to hide in shame when you drop them at school, but their friends aren’t likely to think them awesome for the car mom drives.

The Numbers

Engine: 1984cc, Power: 155kW, Torque: 300Nm, Transmission: 7-speed S tronic, 0-100: 6.9 seconds, Top Speed: 230 km/h, R467k standard, R518k with extras.

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