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Audi A4 3.0T

Audi A4 3.0 T Performance

Loaded with a 3-litre engine in the front, Audi thought it prudent to put a super charger in there too. The engine in this car is identical to the engine in the Audi S4. Except obviously the S4 is tuned differently to produce 245kW, rather than the 200kW produced but the A4 3.0T. So how does it go? Well it’s got 2 modes. One mode is a simple driving mode, and the other mode is sport. In normal mode, the car is smooth, quiet, and very responsive. In sport, it becomes an animal and all 200kW is released.

Audi A4 3.0 T Handling

Equipped with Quattro the handling on the A4 is fantastic. The steering is fully electronic, which makes day-to-day town driving a breeze. But it’s not as dead as we found the Q3’s steering. There is still a little feel in there, and when you approach corners, the grip and handling is fantastic. It’s not a racer though, and you’re not likely to want to spend too much time in corners. Tone it down a notch or two and you have a really neat package.

Audi A4 3.0 T Comfort

The Germans know how to get comfort in a car just right. The A4 is a fantastic package, all the way down from the 1.8T to the S4. The cabin is quiet, the ride is soft, road noise is well insulated. The A4 is really a pleasant place to be. I’d imagine you buy this kind of car for commuting to work. If you’re stuck in traffic every morning and every evening for an hour then being comfortable goes a long way in guarding your sanity. The auto box also makes the drudgery of the commute bearable. Your left leg isn’t all cramped up by the time you get to the office.

Audi A4 3.0 T Practicality

As a sedan it obviously doesn’t have any of the practicality of an SUV. But it’s not impractical either. The boot is pretty big though, enough to get a family’s luggage for a weekend in there. Rear leg room is fine. An adult will be comfortable enough, kids have plenty of room.

Audi A4 3.0 T Quality

Audi seem to have made this their mission in recent years. The quality of their cars really is superb. Everything in the car is top notch materials. The dash in the A4 can compete with the flagship models of
any other brand. In fact, if you compared the A4 interior quality with an A8, 7 Series, or S Class you’d be very pleasantly surprised as to how well the A4 holds its own.

Audi A4 3.0 T Styling

I wish I had good news for you in this department. The styling is ok, but boring as heck. The current A4 is a facelift of the previous A4. It blends in nicely with other traffic. If you want to drive a non-conspicuous car that doesn’t draw attention, then the A4 is for you. In defense of the styling though, it’s the sort of unadventurous car that will stand the test of time. In 10 years time the A4 won’t feel outdated, it’ll still be boring, but at least you won’t look like a hippy driving it.

Audi A4 3.0 T Tech

The more cars I drive (various brands) the more I begin to appreciate how tech heavy the Audi’s are. If you stop to think about it for a minute or two, the tech advances made in cars over the last couple of years has been quite significant.

Let’s look at what this A4 has packed in it. There is SatNav, which comes on a high res bright display. The SatNav is dead accurate, even showing you your altitude. You can plug an iPod into the mini jack port, or you can put your music on a USB stick and plug it into the USB port, or you could put it on not 1, but 2 SD cards. If that is all a little old school, then just connect your iPhone via bluetooth and the music plays effortlessly.

Making calls, and syncing your address book is a breeze, in car call quality is amazing. If you want to surf the web, just put a SIM card into the dash and your car is a mobile hotspot, allowing anyone in the car to connect via WiFi and use the internet. In my books, that’s a winner.

You can control just about anything in the car from the steering wheel, or the MMI knob which sits just next to the gear leaver and is so ergonomically perfect it’s scary.

You’re no doubt sitting at your desk reading this on your computer. Look around you, is there THAT much tech anywhere around you? Thought not.

Audi A4 3.0 T Cool Factor

The A4 is a grownup’s car. If you’re under 25 and have that much cash, you’re probably driving something that breathes fire out the exhaust.

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