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2013 GWM H5 Review

We tested the GWM H5, which is a diesel powered SUV with 4WD capability. This is the second GWM we’ve tested, the first being the GWM Steed 5, and have found that they are far better than we thought they would be. Pricing for the GWM H5 is around R270k, which is a good R100k less than the competition. The H5 comprises excellent space, with some quirky tech bits here and there, but overall as a relatively capable SUV, the H5 is looking good, and we hope that with the H6 GWM get to improve on it.

GWM H5 Review

Living in Cape Town really is interesting. We get a real assortment of weather, from stunning warm winters days that could rival most European summers days, to the dreadful pouring with rain no end days. It’s the weekend, and it’s one of those miserable days in the Cape.

There are two options with the weather, we can stay home and watch movies until the kids are so bored they’ll welcome playing in the rain, or we can go out. I refuse to go to a mall on a rainy Saturday, it’s where the masses go to drive you nuts. But there is a 3rd option, you could go driving. And no, not driving on the road with all the idiots in the rain, I’m talking about muddy, wet, off road driving, which is exactly what we did with the GWM H5.

Kids in the back, and up the side of a mountain the H5 handled the muddy sandy track quite well. One short coming was the ‘road’ tires, but with some proper off road tires, the H5 would quite easily annihilate any obstacle in the way.

The space on the inside made sure the kids were quite comfortable, up front you have an elevated driving position, power steering, radio, CD, MP3, it’s pretty much a full house, but the most interesting feature is the rear view mirror that shows you or tire pressure and temperature.


2 Responses to “2013 GWM H5 Review”

  1. Pierre Theron
    June 25, 2013 at 11:03 am #

    Hi Shaun

    Whats the build quality like, say compared to a Nissan Xtrail or Hyundai ix35? I’m curious about these Chinese SUV’s.

  2. Renier Jacobs
    July 16, 2013 at 3:22 pm #

    Pierre, on the H5 I can’t rally give you the answers you ask, but I can tell you, in that price range, with all the equipment fitted as standard (not on all models) it is by far one of the best SUV options available. We recently bought a double cab Steed 5 2.2Mpi, and yes, it is not as well trimmed inside as the rivals which one pays far more for, but up to date, we can certainly say we do no regret the purchase. We had some extras fitted, and all in all we came out under the R 200 000 price range. Obviously, you can’t compare a simple double cab to a SUV, but I’ve been in one, and the minute I sat foot in the H5, I fell in love. Great trim, very spacious, and as I metiones the equipment fitted to the H5 2.0 VGT manual with six forward gears and reverse, it’s quite something taking into consideration that this particular model was fitted with PDC and a rear view camera, it’s certainly worth a look, go to a dealer if you are interested, and take a test drive. The H5,might just surprise you, we were also sceptical about our Steed 5 purchase, and we are pleasently surprised.
    And my personal opinion is that, not only does the H5, give you a good selection of models to choose from, it is the best SUV on the market today. The 2.0 VGT I was talking about earlier, costs about R274 000. And it’s fully equiped, if you want to slap on a chrome nudge bar, have at it, but I believe the H5 is a looker as it is. Try one out. People differ, but me? The second I can affors the H5, I:m having it.
    Hope this helps a tiny bit.
    Good luck.

    Renier Jacobs.

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